Windows Xp updates problem!

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Windows Xp updates problem! Empty Windows Xp updates problem!

Post  Jivko on Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:15 am

I use Windows Xp SP 2 and I have a problem.A few months ago this window appeared.

Windows Xp updates problem! W20090305-XP-Shutdown

As you can see it's about windows xp updates and stuff.So I pressed the install updates button.They installed but the next time I tried to shut down my PC it appeared again.Suspect Later it disappeared but after my PC problems it appeared again.Suspect The problem is the same.The updates install great but next time I try to shut down my PC it appears again.The program Advanced SystemCare temporarily solves the problem Smile for a week or two but I want to remove this completely.So any ideas? Rolling Eyes Idea

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